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Four Stages You Need To Accomplish To Have A Successful Amazon Business
August 20, 2018
Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform that gives convenience to their sellers by having also the biggest fulfillment center, Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). 

For these reasons, it is no wonder why you want to start your online business with Amazon. 

However, you also wonder what are the things you need to do to become successful without 
wasting a lot of time, money and energy because of the common mistakes you might encounter.

You are in luck! Because with Amazon Mastery Course, we will discuss these stages you need to accomplish to have a successful Amazon business.

But before we have an in-depth discussion for each stage, here’s an overview of what you will expect to learn with Amazon Mastery Course.
Stage 1: Research & Development
In this stage, we will discuss the different kinds of research you need to do before we decide which product you would want to sell. 

We will start with finding your product opportunity, do some patent research, profitability research, product blueprint, creating Amazon listing, and create your plan of action based from the result of these researches.

Doing these researches will not take a lot of your time if you know where to find the answers 
to your questions. 

This is the most important part since this will make or break your Amazon business. 

It is crucial that you learn and understand the business and your product before investing
a lot of your time and money so that it will not go to waste.
Stage 2: Sourcing & Shipping
This is the stage where we source the supplier that will reproduce your chosen product and 
shipped it to Amazon. 

Your product must have that X-factor wherein customers will prefer and buy your product rather than your competitor’s product. 

Once you have identified that X-factor and relayed it to your supplier, you will ask for product samples. Then, you will order your product, inspect your product, and ship your product to Amazon.
Stage 3: Listing Preparation
While waiting for your product to arrive to Amazon, it’s now time to prepare your listing. 

You need to do some keyword research, copywirting, listing images, listing activation, 
and getting reviews. 

Since no one knows your brand at this point, all of these steps are crucial to get your first sale.
Stage 4: Launching & Ranking
Once you have received that first sale, it’s time to boost your product through launching and ranking. 

In this stage, you are already making sales on Amazon but you need to increase it in order to have your Return of Investment (ROI) faster. 

You have to launch your Amazon ads, evaluate your listing, optimize your listing, rank your 
product, and do some continuous improvement.

Knowing all of these stages will give you the clarity that you need to plan and execute your business plan effectively and efficiently. 

This knowledge gives you a competitive advantage with your competitors who 
doesn’t follow these stages.
In-depth discussion about these stages is discussed on the Amazon Mastery Course here: https://www.tonyandvik.com 
By Roxie 
August 20, 2018
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