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Five Things You Need To Do To 
Succeed On Amazon
September 13, 2018
After you have prepared and activate your listing, you have to continuously improve your listing to gain more sales and eventually, succeed on Amazon. 

Maintaining a healthy account is very crucial so that Amazon will not shut down your listing and/or account.
It’s important that your actions are systematic and based on numbers and researches Amazon have given you. If the listing is well-made, then optimization is unnecessary at the beginning. 

You can proceed with ranking and increasing sales.
1. Amazon Ads
In the beginning, you have to advertise your product to gain visibility, rank, collect data for strategy, and make sales. 

The objective is to be on top of some keywords and get organic sales. 

Amazon Ads will spread your product on many keywords and will give you a report about the keywords or keyword phrases your product is most popular through clicks and sales. 

Afterwards, you can plan your strategy around these keywords to rank up faster. 

For example, a person is selling mullets and advertising it on Amazon with keywords like, mullet wig, mullet headband, mullet on the go, etc. for 2-4 weeks. 

On the report, let’s say ‘mullet on the go’ has the most click and most buy, which, obviously, is your winning keyword. 

From there, you can start placing more money on that keyword in order to rank up and, eventually, gain organic sales.
Tip: On Amazon, a ‘sale’ is only registered as sale when the product is shipped. So, don’t freak out when you only see expenses and no sales on the Sponsored Product Dashboard during your first days of advertising your product. If your ads start to spend more than you wish, then pause it or lower the daily budget.
2. Product Evaluation
After gathering your product reviews and running your advertisement, you have to gather and evaluate your data. 

This will lead to a clear decision whether you will fix your listing or rank your listing. If the conversion rate is below 15%, then fix the listing. Otherwise, you can proceed to ranking. 

Conversion means the rate of people who visits your listing and buys your product. For example, the listing has 20 visitors per day. 

Out of that 20 visitors, only 1 person buys your product. 

Thus, the conversion rate [(1 / 20) * 100] is equal to 5%.
Tip: You can fix your listing by improving your images, texts, and reviews. Remember that customers compare your listing to your competitor’s listing.
3. Listing Optimization
When the listing is below 15% conversion rate, you have to optimize it to match your target audience that will click and buy your product. 

These are the elements that affect the conversion rate of your Amazon listing: keywords, price, reviews, images, title, bullets, and description. 

Improve all of of these elements by making it relevant, competitive, producing good quality products for positive reviews, and compelling to convince customers that your product is better than the other similar products in the market.
A good conversion rate is 20% and above; normal is 10% - 20%; and, bad is 0% - 10%. 

If you still encounter problems with your conversion, you have to redo your product research, including your product blueprint until you can answer for yourself ‘why customers will buy your product rather than your competitor’s’.
4. Ranking
Ranking means getting on top of the search result page when someone is trying to find something using your keyword phrase. 

This will result to sales without spending for advertisement, which is called “organic sales”. Find your winning keyword through your Search Term Report. 

When you found your winning keyword, meaning it has more than 15% conversion rate, you can have a business investment with Product Giveaways through discount campaigns. By doing this, it tells Amazon that your product is popular, which will eventually increase your Amazon listing ranking even more. 

This will also contribute in getting more reviews. You can do this by:
1. Choose the winning keyword phrases from Amazon Search Term Report.
2. Create ad campaigns on this keyword and bid up to $5/click. You can use BID+ on these campaigns.
3. Create 90% OFF promotions for your product.
4. Reserve your inventory for the quantity you want to sell per day.
5. Set the listing maximum order quantity to 1 so that every person can only buy 1 unit.
6. Advertise the coupon code with your storefront URL that has the keyword on the URL. 
7. Give away 10 units per day.
8. Run the promotion for 8-10 days wherein you will use different codes everyday. It means that when      the 10 units have been exhausted, shut down the coupon code for that day. Then, repeat the                  advertisement with a different code everyday.

5. Evaluate Results
After 10 days of running the Product Giveaway, do the following action:

1. Shutdown the BID+ and lower the bids on ads
2. Shutdown all coupon codes
3. Unreserve the inventory
4. Evaluate product ranking before/after
5. Evaluate product sales before/after
6. Wait additional 7 days
7. Evaluate rankings and sales again.

Here’s an example of the evaluation for product ranking and product sales before and 
after doing the Product Giveaway:
Every row is equivalent to one product and one keyword ranking. First column is the number of units given away during the eight days promo. 

Second column is the total amount spent on give away, including unit cost, shipping cost, and advertising cost. 

Third column is the daily sales before and, fourth column is the daily sales after give away. 

Fifth column is the ranking before the giveaway and sixth column is ranking after, which means that after nine days, the listing is already on the first page. 

Last column is the ROI score, which means the number of days that took us to get back the money we spent on give away.
The more expensive the product, the bigger the investment. 

If you have less competition, then you have less units to give away. Also, time of the year can affect how many units you need to giveaway. 

Lastly, if it doesn’t work well as you have hoped for, don’t get discouraged since giveaways are not the only way to rank, although it can be extremely effective.
By Roxie
September 13, 2018
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