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Five Things You Need To Prepare Before You Launch, Optimize, And Rank Your Amazon Listing
September 07, 2018
While waiting for your product to arrive the Amazon warehouse, take this time to prepare your listing. 

Keep in mind that this is your selling proposition, which is based from all the researches we have done. 

Most Amazon sellers do not conduct this research that is why it is our competitive advantage to have all these information we can use to create a better listing from our competitors.
Here are the 5 things you need to prepare on your listing before you can launch, optimize, and rank your product:
1. Keyword Research
When a person is looking for something on the internet, s/he types a single word, called “keyword”, or a phrase, called “keyword phrase”. 

This is the same for the search field on Amazon when customers want to buy something. 

The most important keyword, which best describe your product, must be placed on your listing headline. 

You can also include keywords or keyword phrases on your bullet points.

On your Amazon Seller Central, you can add more keywords, images, and all other data at the backend.
This is maximum of 250 characters, no commas, and no need to repeat words.

Keywords will help you gain visibility, which will lead to sale. You have to identify the most relevant, most searched, and lowest competition keywords for your product and add it to your headline, bullets, and backend. 

This tells Amazon what product you are selling and on which keywords you need to register your product. 

You can also use different techniques for your keywords like misspellings, other brand names, and seasonal keywords like “Prime Day”, “Thanksgiving”, “Christmas”, “New Year”, etc.
Tip: Always use the most important and highly searched long-tail phrase at the beginning of your headline.

2. Amazon Copywriting
When you’re just starting with your Amazon business, Amazon copywriting refers to the headline, bullet points, and product description. 

Use the information on your Product Blueprint like the solution your product has based from the customer’s bad review on your competitor’s listing, the demographic of the customers who buys the product you’re selling, and the occasions your product is most popular. 

Add these information and write it on your bullet points since this is the most important compared to product description.
Tip: Most common mistake of sellers is writing what the product has or does, rather than the benefit for having these products.
Always add “call to action” at the last bullet and product description to remind your visitors to add your product in their cart. 

You can use this Amazon Description Editor to create a product description that’s more appealing. You can also hire someone from Fiverr or UpWork to do your copywriting.

You can also check these instructions for creating your copy:
3. Product Images
Amazon Images has 7 visible images on the product listing. 

After getting the right keywords indexed, product images is the most important to succeed in this business. 

Create high quality, crisp, and clean photos that’s very appealing and can convince your visitors to click on your listing, especially on your first image / main image. 

Understand your customer’s needs, desires, fears, and passion and show it on your images. 
This will more likely help your product sell.

Tip: As much as possible, do not add any logos or texts on the images. If it needs informative text, use minimum amount of text, but don’t do any selling. Do it at your own risk.
Read Amazon Images Terms of Service before you proceed.
4. Listing Activation
Now that you have your keywords / search terms for your product listing, title, bullet, product description, price, and your stocks have arrived, you can now activate your product listing. 

Once activated, it will get sales.
5. Getting Reviews
Most customers rely on product reviews before they purchase your product, especially if there are many good quality reviews. 

This increases conversion rate, sales and have direct impact on rankings. 

Amazon does not allow giving incentives or bribes in exchange for reviews. 
However, it is allowed to ask for honest product review and feedback from your customer.

Disclaimer: There are risky and dangerous ways in getting reviews and we do not take any responsibility for the consequences when you decide to use the following techniques to get product reviews.

1. Ask your friends to purchase your product with full price on Amazon and follow the steps in this link.

2.Join Private Amazon Review Groups on Facebook like Amazon Reviewers Group Facebook Page and ask people to reach out who want to review a product.

3. Create Social Media Posts to gather people interested to post a review your product.

4. Reach out to users who reviewed similar products and ask would they like to review your product.

5. Solicit the top Amazon reviewers. Amazon List of Top Reviewers. Ask how they would be able to review your product and follow instructions which they will give you. Do not incentivize!
By Roxie
September 07, 2018
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