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Five Things You Need To Do With Your Product Before You Ship It To Amazon Warehouse
September 03, 2018
After we have done our researches for the perfect first product, we are now going to source for the right supplier. 

It is important you know what makes your product stand out from the rest of the crowd, ensure good quality, and ship it fast to Amazon.
What is an x-factor, you asked? Well, an x-factor is the additional value your product has that your competitors doesn’t have. 

It can be seen on your main image, price, and headline that entice your target customers to click your listing. This is usually done through Amazon advertisement at first. 

Our goal is to ranked higher and have organic sales - meaning, customers are clicking the listing without the help of paid advertisements.
 Assuming that you have done your Product Market Research / Perfect Product Blueprint, you now have the competitive advantage of identifying your x-factor. 

You can make better main image quality, include additional items on your main image like packaging or bundle for the same price, and, a better headline that solves the issues stated in the reviews of your competitors.
With these added values, you have more chance of ranking faster than your competitors.
Product Sample
While most manufacturers on Alibaba have good reputations, you still have to ensure that they understood what you want from your product. 

Once you have identified the suppliers who can do your product, order at least 3 to 5 product samples from different suppliers, which you can pay via PayPal. 

You can also order your competitor’s product from Amazon to compare its quality to the samples you have ordered from suppliers.
Once you have received the product sample, check your product blueprint and evaluate if the products have similar issues with your competitor’s product. 

Otherwise, identify and analyse which product from which supplier has the best quality. 

Then, decide if you will proceed with your chosen product, taking into consideration if all product issues have been solved and if it’s profitable.
Product Order
Once you have decided which supplier you’re going to order your product, send them an email requesting for Purchase Order (PO). 

This is also called as quotation or invoice. They will require you to pay 30% down payment before they start manufacturing. 

However, if stocks are already available, they will need you to pay 100%. Ideally, it is better to start selling products that the supplier already has stocks and skip the manufacturing process.
We recommend that you use PayPal or Alibaba secure payment. 

DO NOT make any payments on anyone’s private account or use Western Union to pay your supplier.
Tip: When the product is done and ready for shipping, pay the 70% after inspection.
Product Inspection
Before you can order your inspection, you need to have your product listing, FNSKU labels (PDF) for the supplier to attach to each item, shipping plan, and shipping label (PDF) for master carton for the supplier to attach to each carton box.
You can google “Inspection Service China”, where you can find various options to choose from. 

Send them the instructions, which is based from your product blueprint, and they will send you the quotation.
In the long run, we recommend that you always order inspection for every single batch to avoid selling poor quality product and receive bad reviews on Amazon.
Shipping To Amazon
Once the product passed the inspection, ask your supplier to ship it to Amazon warehouse. 

There are two types of shipment: by air, which takes 7-15 days, or by sea, which takes 40-60 days. It is highly recommended that you ship your first product by air so that it will not take a lot of time to arrive to Amazon. 

Likewise, most manufacturers do not offer shipment by sea since it includes a lot of paperwork. 

Once you have proven that your product does sell, you can start looking for your own shipping agent or freight forwarder company.
As soon as your products arrived at the Amazon warehouse, they will store your products. Once a customer purchase your product, Amazon will pick, pack, and ship your product to your customer’s doorstep. 

Amazon will charge you for the storage, pick, and pack of your product. 

But, for the shipment to the customer’s delivery address, it will be shouldered by the customer.
Tip: When delivering products to USA, keep the value for each shipment under $800 to avoid hassle at the customs. When sending products to Europe or Canada, you will need an agent, who will charge duty payments from you, so that your products will not get stuck at customs.

By Roxie
September 03, 2018
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